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Hello! My name is Crystal. My mother's side of the family is Swedish and we grew up 'dupping' every year on Christmas Eve! I absolutely love the tradition! When my sister and I were young. Our grandparents would travel 3 hours to our house to host 'Dup' on Christmas Eve. My grandmother would bring the meats she ordered special from the butcher and a large pot for the broth. As they got older, we started traveling to their home. After my Grandmother passed, my mother, sister and I decided to carry on the tradition and it literally took the three of us to pull it off. It was at that moment we realized the time and hard work she had put into it every year; starting from just after Thanksgiving, making all different types of cookies and freezing them. That was a big job. There are about 9 different types of cookies and we each took 3 to make. It was so Much fun! Now that I am grown, married and have a small family, I want to carry on the tradition. Unfortunately, my grandmother was my only link to our traditions. I have always wanted to learn more about the history behind This wonderful tradition and I think I've finally found what I was looking for. I just wanted to thank you for creating this page. I have learned a lot more about where my traditions came from.


Merry Christmas!

Crystal Honig